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Ensuring higher health and safety standards for patient transportation

Has COVID-19 created a huge shift in your trials?  ClinEdge Travel is bridging the gap between closures and getting patients up and running again smoothly, aiding to facilitate protocol compliance.

ClinEdge Travel procedures are tied to assist in compliance using the following methods:

  • Getting the patient up and running again smoothly
  • Communicating with the Site to see when visits will resume 
  • Tracking protocol compliance to ensure no visits are duplicated 
  • Helping to verify COVID-19 policies from vendors if questions arise 
  • Adjusting travel vendors as requested by the patient
  • Communicating with the Sponsor and working to get approvals for requests outside of scope
  • Adjusting and adapting to patient needs while working within contract and budget parameters

If you are interested, please fill the form and you will be contacted by our team.