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greatest gift
clinical research
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Research As Care

No matter where you are this season or beyond, the Elligo Express is bringing research as care to a local hospital or clinic near you. Through Elligo & ClinEdge’s accelerated clinical trial model and capabilities, only we bring research into the real world and has laid the tracks to the community level. From the warm sunny south to the cold snowy north and all places in between, the Elligo Express is heading your way. Grab your ticket, climb aboard, and take your seat to where clinical research is going!

With Elligo & ClinEdge, providing research as care is easier than you think.

Through Elligo & ClinEdge’s technology, tools, and support, conducting and providing clinical research as a care option for patients is made possible. Our access to 150+ million patients and their data enables broader participation in clinical trials and delivers more opportunities through healthcare for physicians and patients alike.

With Elligo & ClinEdge, clinical research’s wish to have more physicians giving and more patients getting research as care comes true.

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